First Skydive :: Long Island Skydiving

First Skydive

The most spectacular thrill of your life is about to begin. The airplane door opens, the wind rushes in, your heart is pounding. You make your way to the door securely harnessed to your instructor and ask yourself, “What am I doing here?”

Once you leave the plane, you accelerate to speeds of 130 mph or more. You realize that the roller coaster feeling just isn’t there. You can’t believe your eyes when you see how fast you are falling away from the plane. You see beautiful clouds and the amazing views of the Hampton Beaches, Fire Island, and the Atlantic Coastline!

Once the parachute opens, it becomes peacefully silent. You can assist your instructor in steering the parachute if you like or you can leave your hands free to wave to your friends as you land.

You can’t believe you just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. You look to the sky and say lets go again.