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Central Park

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Central Park has been an escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic day to day life of Manhattan in New York City for over 150 years. Central Park is place were you can take a walk, a boat ride or just enjoy a picnic in one of Central Park’s many palatial fields. It is visited by about twenty-five million visitors and tourist each year. Since 1857 New Yorkers and visitors alike and patronized the parks many attractions. Central Park is the most visited city park in the United States. Central Park is most used by joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters and on weekends after 7:00 p.m., when automobile traffic is banned.

Central Park contains several natural-looking lakes and ponds, extensive walking tracks, bridle paths, two ice-skating rinks (one of which is a swimming pool in July and August), the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, a 106-acre 43 billion gallon reservoir with an encircling running track, and an outdoor amphitheater called the Delacorte Theater which hosts the “Shakespeare in the Park” summer festivals. Indoor attractions include Belvedere Castle with its nature center, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, and the historic Carousel.

In 1963 Central Park was designated a National Historic Landmark. Central Park is managed by the Central Park Conservancy, under contract with the City of New York. The Central Park Conservancy, a private, not-for-profit organization employs four out of five maintenance and operations staff in the park. The park has its own New York City Police Department precinct, which employs both regular police and auxiliary officers. The Central Park Mounted Police have become a fixture in the park as well as in most of the cities parades and events.

In addition there are numerous major and minor grassy areas, some of which are used for informal or team sports, Some have been set aside as special fields such as Strawberry Fields named after one of the more famous New Yorkers, John Lennon’s song that are used for local concerts.

Central Park is bordered on the north by West 110th Street, on the south by West 59th Street, on the west by Eighth Avenue. Along the park’s borders however, these are known as Central Park North, Central Park South, and Central Park West, respectively. Fifth Avenue retains its name along the eastern border of the park.

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